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When students were asked what they found most enjoyable about the class, students had this to say...

"I enjoy that I am able to walk down the street and feel safe because of this class"

"I learned how to defend myself, how to get away and what to do in a dangerous situation"

"I enjoy the fact that we interacted with each other, that you tell us real life stories and you are open with us."

"I enjoyed learning how to escape when someone tries to take me away, by using the stop, drop and flop technique. I also enjoyed the amount of knowledge I gained from real life situations."

"The demonstrations they showed us in order to defend ourselves."

"This class was important, but fun to learn, because of the way they taught it."

"I liked that I learned so much about myself, things that I will remember the rest of my life."

"I loved that we learned how to protect ourselves and learned some very important rules."

"I liked learning how to defend myself!"

"I liked EVERYTHING!!!"

"I liked learning to become aware of what can happen and how to protect myself."

"I liked the teachers and all the fun we had together."

"I liked the actual hands on stuff, the real life stories and the talk about boundaries."

"I really like the way you put things, so we can remember them."

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