Program Information

Program Information

What is the REAL (Relationship Education and Awareness for Life) Men Program?

REAL (Relationship Education and Awareness for Life) Men is the male empowerment program which has been developed for men, ages 13 to 93. This program utilizes many of the same multi-disciplinary approaches found in My Body…My Life…, but is patterned to address educational and developmental issues for men in addressing violence in its many forms. The full program addresses awareness, empowerment, relationships, stalking, self-esteem, abuse, alcohol, drugs, internet and texting. In this program, we focus upon respect, non-violent bystander witness and intervention, Yes Means Yes, enthusiastic consent, communication and listening skills rather than physical self-defense techniques. REAL Men addresses the myriad of issues surrounding dating, domestic and gender violence through simple visual, physical and auditory aids to help support increased understanding, development and retention with the audience; such as ‘intoxication’ goggles, experiential stories, videos, role playing and more. Our programs have been taught over the past twenty years in every middle school and high school in Norman, Oklahoma. In the past school year, nearly a thousand students, both male and female, in the Norman Public Schools will have participated in these programs, as well as many others across Oklahoma. These programs have been taught to adults as well, encompassing university, civic, community, scholastic, church and business organizations and helping men and women of our community to understand and address violence in an appropriate manner. These programs are now expanding across Oklahoma, with certified instructors teaching these programs in other cities in Oklahoma, certified instructors in the military teaching this program to military personnel and dependents at Vance Air Force Base and other military installations across the United States, and certified instructors presenting and teaching for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Muscogee Creek Nation. The programs have also been presented to the Department of Defense, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office and the United States Air Force for assessment to use in the military. The programs have been taught as far away as Alaska, with Alaska State Troopers, Village Public Safety Officers, advocates and rape prevention specialists teaching these programs to communities, schools and villages across Alaska. Please feel free to view these programs on our website, We hope to see you in a class soon!

How do I find a speaker/presenter from your organization?

We can provide speakers for conferences, seminars, meetings or classrooms, speaking in guest, keynote, presentation and breakout formats. The author and developers of the My Body…My Life… programs can be brought to your area to speak to audiences about dating, domestic and gender violence, as well as the My Body…My Life… and REAL Men programs. The author and developers have travelled across the United States presenting program information, teaching our programs to audiences, speaking on issues related to dating, domestic and gender violence for schools, colleges, universities, Native American tribes, businesses, communities, churches and government entities. Whether you are attempting to provide information to your group, business or population, address Title IX requirements for your academic institution or want to have new and relevant information presented in unique ways regarding the issues surrounding dating, domestic and gender violence, our author and developers are willing to travel to your location. We have provided keynote, breakout and plenary sessions at a myriad of state and national conferences. We have travelled to different areas of the country to present our programs to government, state, county and local offices, seminars and conferences. We have taught our programs in schools, colleges, universities and technology centers across the country. We would love to come to your town, business, organization, conference or school and speak to your group.

What is the cost to have a speaker/presenter come to my event?

The basic cost for speaking, presenting or teaching is $500 per day per speaker, or any portion of a day. If travel is required, greater than 200 miles, there is an additional cost of $500 for the time to travel. The cost of the transportation, meals and hotel are additional to these costs for each speaker. Speaking and/or presenting at major conferences create different circumstances for cost basis. If you would like us to speak and/or present at a major conference or seminar, please contact us directly. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions of cost, venue or special needs for the speakers or your organization.

How can I become a Certified Instructor?

Curriculum for training instructors has been developed and published by our company. To become certified as an instructor, the attendee must complete the certification course for the particular program, My Body…My Life… and/or REAL Men. The certification course for each separate program is three days in length. The programs can be taught together, reducing the length of the certification course to a total of five days for both of the courses, when taught consecutively in one week. The attendee will be provided the necessary book(s) and a USB drive with the required forms for the program, as well as power point presentation(s), to aid in their instruction. The attendee must pass the written and presentation testing with a minimum of seventy percent in all work during the course. To maintain certification, the instructor must complete yearly informational packets and maintain communication with My Body…My Life…,LLC, so that updates and information can be exchanged. We usually hold two to three local training courses during the year, with several other instructor training courses across the country. Once certified, the instructor will be able to teach the program(s) to populations in their jurisdiction, organization, community, school, college or university. Only the My Body…My Life… developers can certify an instructor. Teaching the program(s) outside of your location requires permission from My Body…My Life…, LLC.

Can my organization or business host an Instructor Training session?

Become a host partner for the instructor training! Communities, schools, prevention organizations, businesses, civic groups, colleges, universities, military, churches, corporations are seeking ways to address dating, domestic and gender violence. Your organization can take the lead in your area by bringing these programs to your community or state. There are many positive benefits gained from hosting an instructor training course; no travel costs for your employees, taking a lead in addressing dating, domestic and gender violence in your community, public recognition and community appreciation. Complimentary scholarships can be provided to your organization based upon the number of paid attendees (one scholarship per five paid attendees).

What are my responsibilities as an Instructor Training Host Organization?

You gain even more recognition and appreciation through utilizing your organization to host an instructor training. As a host, we would like you to provide a speaker for the opening of the training course, to let everyone know that you are the host and place your organization at the forefront of the training. We also request that the host provides communication, contact information, contact person and advertisement to other organizations in their area for the training course. This helps the organization through reduced costs, more scholarships and recognition. This helps our programs to reach more people in your area through an increased number of available instructors for your populations and communities. As the host organization, your responsibilities include providing a facility to hold an instructor training, including projector and sound equipment for laptop presentation.

How can I find out more?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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What is the My Body... My Life... Program?

My Body…My Life…programs are both fun and educational. We use personal stories, humor, practice and experience to help men and women develop self-esteem, boundary setting, build skills to recognize unsafe relationships, unsafe situations and provide the tools to protect your body and your life. We do this training in a variety of venues, ranging from school classrooms to public auditoriums. The author and developers of this program have over seventy years of combined experience in public speaking, through a variety of educational and professional venues, as well as through presenting this program in its many forms to schools, universities, professional organizations, civic organizations, businesses and government entities. The School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC) has recognized the My Body…My Life… program with a prestigious National 2013 School Safety Award. The program has also received the Oklahoma Governor’s Commendation, the Oklahoma House of Representatives Citation and the 2013 Human Rights Award for their work combating violence against men and women in the schools and in the community.

My Body…My Life…is an evidence based program that displays promising practice in prevention of violence against women ages 13 to 93. My Body…My Life…uses a multi-disciplinary approach to create a stronger awareness in your life, address violence in its many forms and empower you to remove yourself from harm. The full program addresses awareness, empowerment, relationships, self-esteem, abuse, alcohol, drugs, internet and texting, stalking, bystander interventions, as well as physical self-defense techniques. My Body…My Life…addresses the myriad of issues surrounding dating, domestic and gender violence through simple visual, physical and auditory aids to help support increased understanding, development and retention with the audience; such as ‘intoxication’ goggles, experiential stories, videos, role playing and more.