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Become an Instructor

Bring the national award winning empowerment programs

My Body…My Life… and REAL MEN to your community!!!

Become an Instructor

These programs have been honored with the National School Safety Award, the Oklahoma Governor’s Commendation, the Oklahoma House of Representatives Citation and the 2013 Human Rights Award. These programs are taught to males and females, ages 13 to 93, in public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, businesses, civic organizations, unions, government offices and the military. Our instructors are in six different states and in the military. 


These two proactive empowerment programs, My Body…My Life… for females, and the male program, REAL MEN, help you to meet four of the six Title IX Campus SaVE Act (Violence Against Women Act) requirements. The programs educate students, communities and employees on how to protect themselves against: sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and bullying. The programs also teach how to navigate partying, drugs and alcohol, and develop bystander interventions and techniques.


The goals of these programs, My Body…My Life… and REAL MEN, are designed to identify, address and prevent dating, domestic and gender violence. They provide strategies to report and stop such behavior, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects. To address the myriad of issues surrounding these problems the programs go beyond education on sexual violence and abuse to discuss and teach about: awareness, respect, self-esteem, relationships, “yes” means “yes”, empowerment, cyber cautions, and for females simple and effective escape techniques. 


The author and developers of these programs are police officers, counselors and educators with over ninety years of experience in those fields and in dealing with dating, domestic and gender violence. Bring one or both of these award winning programs to your community, organization, university or school. The program developers are available to travel to your community to present these programs as a guest speaker, for conferences, for seminars, or to teach an instructor training class. 


We offer a one-time presentation targeted to meet the needs of your community, school or organization. Presentations can be two to eight hour in length. We also offer local periodic training to become an instructor of the female program, My Body…My Life… and/or the male program, REAL MEN. The instructor training is three days for each program, or five days for a combined training for both programs. If you wish, you can host a training class for your community, region or state. 

Become an Instructor
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