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REAL Men Program...

REAL (Relationship Education and Awareness for Life) Men is the male empowerment program which has been developed for men, ages 13 to 93.  This program utilizes many of the same multi-disciplinary approaches found in My Body…My Life…, but is patterned to address educational and developmental issues for men in addressing violence in its  many forms. The full program addresses awareness, empowerment, relationships, stalking, self-esteem, abuse, alcohol, drugs, internet and texting.  In this program, we focus upon respect, non-violent bystander witness and intervention, Yes Means Yes, enthusiastic consent, communication and listening skills rather than physical self-defense techniques. REAL Men addresses the myriad of issues surrounding dating, domestic and gender violence through simple visual, physical and auditory aids to help support increased understanding, development and retention with the audience; such as the use of ‘intoxication’ goggles, experiential stories, videos, role playing and more.  


Our programs have been taught over the past twenty years in every middle school and high school in Norman, Oklahoma.  In the past school year, nearly a thousand students, both male and female,  will have participated in these programs, .  These programs have been taught to adults as well, encompassing university, civic, community, scholastic, church and business organizations and helping men and women of our community to understand and address dating, domestic and gender violence in a safe and appropriate manner.  These programs are now expanding across Oklahoma, with certified instructors teaching these programs in other cities in Oklahoma, certified instructors in the military teaching this program to military personnel and dependents at Vance Air Force Base and other military installations across the United States, and certified instructors presenting and teaching for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Muscogee Creek Nation.   The programs have also been presented to the Department of Defense, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office and the United States Air Force for assessment to use in the military.  The programs have been taught as far away as Alaska, with Alaska State Troopers, Village Public Safety Officers, advocates and rape prevention specialists teaching these programs to communities, schools and villages across Alaska.  

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